Monday, August 10, 2009

Implementation Plan

There are two projects I will be completing this year. I have already started a library wiki which needs to be completed for viewing. I am excited to have library information and policies available for parents. My goal is to include student book reviews, also. This is a work in progress and will be developing over time.

I have digital photos of authors who presented at a conference I attended this summer. I am excited to create a voice thread with information about each author and their books. This would be a great project to share with classes at the beginning of school year. I would share with grades 3 through 6th in class, but also would like to embed the voice thread within the wiki.

I have been exposed to many tools I would never have seen otherwise. My view has been changed and I am more open to trying some of these tools withing my teaching.

Web 2.0 New Tools, new Schools

Chapter 1: The globalization of business is astonishing. I was aware, yet not fully aware how pervasive the internet has become. I was also reminded how American education has fallen behind other countries in educating use of internet tools. My skills have been left in the dust! Change is happening whether education, school districts or individuals keep pace.

Chapter 7: Web 2.0 is generally open to the public creating a greater security risk and copyright issues. Districts are trying to use the tools within a secure environment by creating district communication systems. I teach internet safety classes and the awareness has made a difference for those students who realize the dangers. Many students have shared home rules and guidance provided by parents. Others have disregarded lessons and pointed advice by our security officer and have continued dangerous behaviors on the internet. Internet safety on publicly open tools is an invitation for greater risks.

Chapter 9: Next generation schools. What will the schools look like in 5 years? It used to take many years for education to morph, but now change can happen very quickly. David Warlick's vision of educator's blogging would be a great help in faciliting librarian and teacher cooperatively working together. E-textbooks, games and student wikis for homework response seems to be the direction. How can I say its good or bad? It is just the direction. As the world becomes more open, individuals become more isolated.

Chapter of my choice: Chapter 4: This chapter demonstrates how teachers are using various tools across the curriculum. Teachers use blogs and wikis for assigments and discussions for social studies and math as well and literacy studies. Flickr is being used for digital storytelling. Broadcasting and video production has been opended to include all classes creating podcasts rather than just a few students. We are just at the brink of possibilities.

Week 8, Thing #19.1

When I have used Digital Pipeline, I have gone to the kid's stuff section or Student Research. This exercise helped me discover "adult" possibilities. I created a folder with health information and was surprised to find a very informative video on breast cancer. Booklist and School library Journal are available! The three things I learned:
1. I can now access a current copy of Booklist.
2. I can use my folder to access collected articles quickly.
3. Vidoes can be also be placed in my folder for quick access.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Week 9, Thing #23

This has been quite a ride. So many new ideas and actitivities. I have expanded my techno boundaries far beyond I thought possible. Thank you for creating this course. I will need to keep this course as a reference to continue the experience.

Week 9, Thing #22

The free book downloads are amazing. I downloaded The Sea Wolf by Jack London. I have also used the site the AK public libraries offer. Many of those books are current titles students enjoy reading. As I posted this note, a reader of At the Back of the North Wind started reading the book! This is too much much for staying focused and finishing the course.

Week 9, Thing #21

After becoming very confused about how to download podcasts to my computer, I explored the teacher podcast site and found a podcast on Readers Theatre which is on this blog.

Teacher Created Materials: TCM Podcasts

Teacher Created Materials: TCM Podcasts

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